.41 lad, wra co

I was at the Resting Springs Ranch, Tecopa, CA for a celebration of life gathering for my sister this past April. She had lived on the ranch for many years with her husband. His family now owns the ranch with the passing of my sister. While there, two of her boys, and their children and I took a hike up the large ridge to the north of the ranch site and springs.

One of her son’s and I were trailing the rest of the group and stopped to rest a moment and admire the view. Blaine looked down at his feet and said look at this. He picked up a cartridge lying on the bare rocky talus slope we we standing on. I looked at the ground and picked up 2 more. As this is the first time I have posted on the forum, I don’t know if posting a picture is possible or not, following is the information I have from the cartridge.

The cartridge was head stamped “W.R.A. CO. .41 LAD” I haven’t found any information on it except one reference that labeled it as a synonym to a 41-40 cartridge for a Win. Mdl 1876.

This area was camped on, mined, and acted as a resting point (Thus it’s name) on the Santa Fe trail way back to the mid 1980’s and probably long before that. The land has been in my sister’s husbands family since about 1900.

It is hard to imagine what some person had been shooting at on this slope a hundred years ago or more. For all of the above, which I hope was not to long, was this cartridge a rifle cartridge, pistol cartridge, or both?

I have a 2cd Mdl S&W Hand Eject in .32-20 that belonged to her husband’s grandfather who lived on the ranch in the early 1900’s I guess. He was a prospector and carried the pistol. What a history that revolver must have, and I will never know.


Can you verify the headstamp is LAD and not LDA, for Long Double Action?