41 Short Colt, S.D.A. ( Sh & Lg Case) and 41 Short Colt, S.A

I did some research this week on the 41 Short Colt and saw very little in the forum, and wanted to share it.

The 41 Short Colt S.A. (Single Action) is noted as having a rim on the case that should measure .451" to .470". This cartridge was introduce in 1875 for the Colts "New Line Single Action Revolvers"
I am hoping someone may have a picture of this item, I do not have a specimen.

Then the 41 Short S.D.A. (Short Double Action) who’s case rim should measure .430" to .436". This cartridge was introduce around 1884 for Colts Double Action Revolvers.
There are two different S.D.A. case lengths ; Short (1.071"-1.100" case length) and Long case. (1.146" - 1.218" case length) only the U.S. Cartridge Co., and Peters Cartridge Co. made the 41Short Colt S.D.A. (Long Case).

Sometimes the 41 Short Colt S.D.A. (Long Case) can be mistaken for the 41 Long Colt (which also, has two or 3 different case lengths) and which is a different cartridge then the 41 Short Colt S.D.A. or S.A…

Below picture of short case 41 Short Colt S.D.A.

Below picture of long case 41 Short Colt S.D.A.

more pictures on ammo-one.com/41ShortColt.html

Information from : a.) Manual of Pistol and revolver cartridges by Hans A. Erlmeier and Jakob H. Brandt , b.) Centerfire American and British Pistol and Revolver Cartridges by Henry P. White and Burton D. Munhall

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David Call