.41 Short RF "M" by Remington for Philip Jay Medicus

What is this? It measures aprox. 10.5mm by 12mm.


made by Remington for Medicus…a cartridge dealer…look in the forum for this name…there is more info

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From “The Cartridge Guide” by Ian V. Hogg
P. J. Medicus, Gunsmith, New York, New York, USA
On 41 Short rimfire only. Cases made by Remington-UMC

No other information

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Thank you both, here is an old topic 41 Derringer RF with M hstp. Interesting that Medicus was one of the earliest collectable cartridge dealers.
Mine came in a bag, with no box. How did the box look? These look mightily fresh and new being out of a box.

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Some additional background information from: The Rimfire Cartridge by: John L. Barber.

Page 82: Remington Arms Company Inc.

“All rim fire calibers over .22 were gradually phased out in the 1940s and 50s. The .32 S & L were last listed in the company’s 1961 catalogue “subject to existing stocks.” It revived the .41 S in the early 1950s in two substantial contract lots, one for Philip J. Medicus that had an impressed “M” headstamp and another for New Orleans Arms Company with the standard impressed “U” headstamp.”

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That makes sense, mine still have lubricant on them, 1950’s it is.

Ad from 1953:

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