.41 Vetterli Original Rim Fire Ammunition Value

I have quite a few .41 rim fire cartridges. I think some of the cartridges are very old. Some of which I think are original 1891 Swiss Cartridges. Two packs of 10 are still in the un-opened cardboard boxes. The oldest box seems to still have some of the fine string holding the paper packaging together. Boxes are in fair to good shape for their age.

In this stash are a couple boxes of Leon Beaux Milano cartridges (Winfield Arms Corporation, LA California). One of which has been opened and the other looks to be un-opened but bottom of box taped.

The box of Remington Arms Cartridges labeled .41 Swiss Vetterli Rifle, UMC Kleanbore is close to full but some have red projectiles (Maybe Wood?). No idea there either.

I am new to the site and would like to find out the value and if anyone is interested in them. I do not want to break any rules on the site so let me know if I have done so.

I have a few pictures but don’t know how to past them.

The Remington Red Wood cartridges are Wood Sabot Shot rounds, for the Many Bannerman
“Farm guns” made from M1870s Swiss Vetterli rifles.
Fore-end sporterised, Tube mag. Removed, Gun becomes a Two shot, by using the cartridge elevator as a magazine. Some have bolt handle bent down.
I have one here in Australia…when and how it got here I don’t know…
Probably in 1890s Gold Rushes?

Remington stopped making .41 RF in 1941, along with many other BP cartridges due to early switching to War preparations.

Doc AV

The red colored are paper. Any wood examples are uncolored natural wood sabots

Thank you very much for your reply and information. I will print it and put it into my Vetterli folder.