.41 Volcanic cartridge - Any idea of current value of these?

Anyone have an idea of the current value on a single original .41 Volcanic cartridge??


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Thanks for the link…I watch Ward’s auction regularly, but missed that one!
I have been asking around and prices seem to be in the $100-$150 range for a single .41 Volcanic round in good condition.
There is a 15% buyer commission on Ward’s auctions…so the buyer would have paid $135.70 plus shipping.

Found this one that had sold, not sure the date it was sold??
It’s a .45 caliber


There is no such thing as a .45 so either a fake of someone can’t read their micrometer.
.41 & .31 some say there is a .36 & it one shown in Hoyem Vol 2


I thought it was a bit strange to be listed as a .45
But I am not up on the Volcanic cartridges and had not done any research on the listing