.410 "DUPO 7" (made in Latvia)

My one buy at a local gun show yesterday ($8/box)…factor in the $5 admission…oh well

I took a scalpel to a couple…but the metal slug appears pretty hard as I could not easily spread the “pedals” for a photo. (sorry no .410 and gelatin to fire a sample slug!)

Website photo will have to do for now.

Seems a nice website…quite a few “odd” slugs…nice videos


The Dupleks Latvian slugs are galvanized steel; they also make at least 4 flavors of 12ga slug loads (standard/mag, expanding/solid).

In my testing they are as accurate as Brenneke and Federal LE127RS slugs, and under ideal circumstances able to penetrate certain barriers better than any standard/lead 12ga slug I’ve used.

Haven’t got a .410 shotgun any more. The 12ga expanding slugs sometimes fragment and send those ‘petals’ out into the test media.

I just got back from the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston this morning. D Dupleks had a display of their various slug loads. What they are offering in the US (through Century Arms, according to the guy in the booth) are a “match” load with a pointed steel slug (I did not know that there were shotgun target matches, but why not?) in 12 ga 2-3/4", a frangible cylindrical slug, which is lead shot in a plastic matrix, apparently for shooting popper steel targets, also in 12/2-3/4", two different but similar steel slugs, waisted flat point, 440gr or 495gr in 12 ga/2-3/4" and 12ga/3" respectively, 385gr in 16 ga/2-3/4", and 300gr in 20ga/2-3/4", and a pair of really wicked-looking expanding slugs, DUPO 28 (does not shed petals) and HEXOLIT 32 (sheds petals), the former in 12, 16, 20, and 28 ga, the latter only in 12ga/3" and 12ga/2-3/4". And I didn’t even know there were Latvian shotshells.
Their website is: ddupleks.com

Hi “Poivre” ;-)
Some pictures of Ddupleks I disassembled (I removed the plastic balls to see the skeleton).


Thanks a lot for the images! Great job in displaying them in stripped condition!

Here’s a picture of a couple of the expanded Dupo (red) and Hexolit (yellow) 12 Ga slugs they were handing out at the Dupleks booth.

By the way, the literature distributed at the event makes no mention of any .410 loads, just 12, 16, 20, and 28 ga. The only mention of 28 ga was as a single Dupo load.

The .410 Dupo-7 was dropped from U.S. importation a few years ago (5 years ago?) since as I understand it, the BATF had some issues & questions about it being marketed by U.S. dealers towards Taurus Judge users, and this was a steel projectile in a handgun capable load. Even though it expanded (unlikely to penetrate body armor), and was as much for .410 shotgun use as revolver use, there was still enough concern for the U.S. importer to cease bringing it in. JG Sales was one large distributor/dealer that had some, and I was lucky enough to get 2 boxes. They are now very rare.

J-Marc, thanks a lot for sharing those wonderful pictures.

Details: The ball with the steel tip = AP-20 (for the police) & the red plastic with pellets = Kaviar 26L.