410 gauge "S.R.& Co .410 XTRA-RANGE."

Was the usage of “Sears” and “S.R.& Co” concurrent or one pre-dated another? Can one ID headstamp’s age by the name?

Also, I asked a similar question before, and I stole someone’s answer from the old damaged forum (one can’t continue/contribute to the old forum posts). I am posting the stolen answer here. Apologies to the author.

I have not seen an actual Ted Williams headstamp on Sears ammo. Ted Williams was a figure head or spokesman for almost all Sears sporting goods during the Seventies and maybe into the Eighties. I can vouch with a great deal of certainty that his name appearred on the boxes of Sears ammunition but the headstamp was just “Sears” on rifle ammunition and I have seen both “Sears” and “S. R. & Co”(or a minor variation of this) on shot shells. I believe the S.R.&Co style headstamps predate the Sears headstamps, but I cant put a hard fast date on it. Sears phased out all guns and ammo in '76 or '77 which I remember because I had saved up my lawn mowing money to buy a sporterized Argentine Mauser but when I had my Dad place the order, he was told that Sears was out of the gun buisness and later a statement was published that Sears had made the decision “for the good of the community”. I wasn’t paying attention then, but Sears folded to political pressure from certain urban groups. Now they seem to be on the verge of folding permanently.

Sorry about that digression, before Ted Williams worked for Sears, sporting goods were touted under the “J.C.Higgins” branding. I believe that “J.C.Higgins” was actually used as a headstamp on shotshells. I think I have some on the premises, but I will have to go dig for them. I dont really collect shot shells but somehow the just appear in drawers and boxes.

Here are some Sears headstamps & the shells. Three on the right are Ted Williams, but the paper 410 hs is not shown as it just has “410” on it. The red plastic 12 with the Ted Williams headstamp is also known in 16ga purple and 20 ga yellow.plastic. Boxes (see below) were also marked with his name. Apparently he was also a very good sales person.
I can’t say on the two left examples of one was earlier than the other, but both have paper hulls and Western most likely was the maker of both.

A couple J.C.Higgins HS & they also had their own brand on Sears boxes and were also probably made by Western.

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