.410 ID for Czechoslovak LOV 2 start pistol

Is anybody able to positively ID or show the .410 cartridges that go with this “LOV 2” start pistol?


Alex, the few I have seen for sale came with very short S&B paper shells (handmade and with more brass than paper). Another variant of this pistol was made for the more common 9 x15/17 R blank cartridge also made by S&B.



Interesting that:

  1. “Show as slideshow”, “Search”,and “Gallery” are in English, but nothing else…
  2. The link to the article “STARTING GUN LOV 2 by clicking here” is a dead link…
  3. None of the comments below the initial post seem related to that particular starter pistol or caliber…

“Uplift direction: both chambers into one opening in the axis of the break block
Caliber: .410 = 11.9 mm measured chamber
Weight: 710 g
Length: 155 mm
Width: mm
Height: mm
Additional info: nickname chimney sweep (see article under the link below),
More information about this gun can be found in the article STARTING GUN LOV 2 by clicking here.”

Fede, this is what I thought. Means most rounds we will see today are “handmade”. But I assumed there must have been factory loads at some point, no?

Jack, foreign language sites are cranky in their translations or integrated language tools. So no surprise here.