.410 Indian musket

What is more common, single ball (pictured here) or shot shell?


With the recent offerings of original 180 round crates of P.O.F. (Pakistan Ordnance Factory) manufactured single ball ammunition in the U.S. there is now most likely more than 250,000 rounds of single ball available here in the U.S.

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I wish I could get my hands on some here in the UK


Vlad, You can find a bit more and some references at


Has anyone who is coming to the ECRA meeting in Germany later this year got any of these spare they could bring over for me to buy

many thanks

Picked up two packets today, dates were 29-4-60 and 22-4-60, both from the same crate. (so it seemed)

So we have 22nd April to 10 May production here, any other dates noted to expand the time of production?

Vlad, the Indian manufacture shot seem less common to me, than the Indian ball version.

For what it’s worth I’ve not seen a POF shot load. Anyone?

Observed POF packet dates: 10-5-60, 20-7-60, 11-10-60.

May 10th, July 20th, October 11th all 1960.

My previous post of pictures viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16281


Joe, have you by any chance dismantled one of these POF rounds and weighed the ball?
I am only curious because I have a similar Kirkee round (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10982&hilit=.410+musket)
The Indian round has a 98gn ball and the complete round weighs in at 312.5gn.
My single example of a POF round weighs 323.9gn so there is only a slight discrepancy (probably in the brass) but I would be interested to know whether the projectiles in the two rounds weigh the same.

Rich I can bring you some of these cartridges to the ECRA meeting. Maybe we can exchange the cartridges with some cartridges you will bring to the cartridge show.



No I have not dismantled any of these.