410 shotshell ID

I’m not a shotshell collector. I know absolutely nothing about them. A friend asked me to ID and date these. I do know that I’ve seen many of them over the years, so I assume they are common. All the ones I’ve seen were this color but I’m guessing they used to be red? Anyone know?

hendere–They look to me like circa-1920 Sears Robuck, but I am no expert on shotshells (or anything else).

Interesting, older than I thought. Thanks Ron.

Hendere, here are 2 shells from my collection. I think you’ll agree that they are identical to yours but brighter. While yours may well be from the 20’s, I wonder if they were just poorly stored and the ‘ageing’ is from adverse contact with the elements? Mine are from the early 1960’s and made for the Western Auto Company by Federal. The box is marked ‘Revelation’, a trade name used by Western Auto. These shells are also identical to the Federal Hi-Power shells of the same period, 1950’s and 1960’s. Mine, like yours, are roll crimped and have 6 on the over-shot wad.