.410 shotshells


Just came across these whilst looking for something else. Don’t remember where they came from. Conflicted on whether to even bother posting them here, but thought maybe someone knows a starting collector who would be interested in them. My guess is they’re from the early-mid ‘60s. The ELEY box is the only one with the “Children” warning, so assume it’s newer. Worst case, shootin’ ammo. If’n I had a .410, that’s probably where they’d end up. Odd that I don’t.
Anyway, if anybody is interested in these, PM or email me. The price will be “right”. As in you pay shipping.

These are full boxes.


Nice Rick, very nice. Glad you posted them. Granted, probably won’t excite many folks here but I particularly like the Winchester and the E-K shells.



Mr. Rick,

Those are some great looking shotshells. I was surprised that Mr. Shotmeister didn’t grab them. I’m sure you’ll find a taker - probably long before you find a couch to sleep on.



Uhh, Ray… what makes you think he’s not gift wrapping those babies right now and labeling them with my street address? It was awful nice of him to post those pretty pictures for me to drool over until the Real McCoy arrives!



The name of Eley’s Exra long was derived from the 2 1/2" Eley Fourlong. The 2" was Eley Fourten. Clearly showing that their belief that the 2" was standard.

Time changes. The box I would guess at 60s, maybe even later