.410 Slug - 5 pack marked US Property?

I was asked about this material. Never heard of any .410 martially marked other than the aluminum cased bird shot issued for the survival guns.

The boxes ARE yellow, not the white five packs I’ve seen, which I believe puts them into the WW2 era (+/-).

Anyone know when / why these would have been used ??


Circa 1944-45 the USAF (under its pre-1947 name USAAF) adopted the Savage-Stevens over under gun with .22 LR barrel on top and .410 barrel below for use as a survival gun. These continued in service until the M6 Survival gun was adopted, the folding stock over under .22 Hornet/.410 shotgun was adopted circa 1952.
I think I have also seen these in the same slug marked boxes, but actually loaded with number 6 shot, which apparently was the preferred loading, and the outer 25 round carton was marked no. 6. I may be wrong about that, but dont have access to ammo or files right now to confirm.


Preliminary reply from Woodin Lab:

We have these also, from U.S. Property boxes, both plain green case and stamped NITRO LONG RANGE EXPRESS. I don’t know if we have the story on these, but will ask Frank when he returns end of the week, and let you know. They might be an early version of the T136, which is the Western .410 aluminum case load with rifled slug.