.410 Symbol?

Can someone tell me what the 12 o’clock symbol or manufacturer is on this .410 2-3/4 slug load?

This is the old logo of Barnaul Cartridge Works (Russia).

Thank you. Appreciate all the members willing to share their knowledge & experience

Jim C

Here a box with the old logo on.

Source: internet.


A tip of the hat to you EOD. About 10 years ago I picked up a .410 brass plated steel shotshell. It has a slight bottleneck halfway down its length. I guessed its headstamp to be a very odd looking SM3. At 6 oclock it says .410x73mag. and has a spent Berdan primer in a two hole pocket. No one seemed to know the maker, so I gave up asking.But now I see and now I know. Thankyou very much. Wes