416 Rigby HS

Hi Guys.

I have two powderless and primerless cartridges that appear to be 416 Rigby (two different bullets). Both have the following headstamp:

SCI 416 94

Can anyone tell me what these are?

Cartridges made by Mast Technology for third installment in Safari Club
International’s Most Dangerous Game Series. The gun made by Frank Wells, along with 100 cartridges, a sterling silver sculpture, presentation case, knives, and one-of-a-kind jewelry was auctioned at the Club’s January
1994 meeting in Reno, NV for $105,000.

Thanks FORAMMO. Were the cartridges sold anywhere else or just for the one package?

Just as a FYI, Simba-M’bogo means Lion and (Cape) Buffalo

Frank Wells? or do you mean Fred Wells of Prescott AZ.