42 mm Hotchkiss

Pictures of a 42 mm Hotchkiss shell for the mountain gun (150-154 mm case). This variant is very hard to find in this size.

42 42a


Fede, great images!
Why is the case lenght varying?

Do you have images of the case too?

Alex, there is some variation in the case length because of the coiled variants. I don’t have a case at hand but it is the same known as the 1.65". Check this previous thread: 2 Pdr 1".65 Mountain Rifle question



Hello Fede, can you comment on the brass rotating band(s)? What are we seeing in the photos? Is it helical (wire wound perhaps?) or concentric rings or machined grooves? I’ve seen something about wire wound rotating bands, but I think it was more recent than this shell (.50 BMG I think). Other photos of Hotchkiss shells I have seen look like they have solid rotating bands.

Fede, thanks for clarifying this!

Larry, fede is about the cases not the driving bands.

Alex, I think my question might be confused with Fede’s earlier response about coiled cases, but I was just looking for info on the driving bands shown on the shell in Fede’s original post above. I was wondering how the driving band was made, since it is hard to tell from the photos. I have not seen another one quite like that (with so many grooves). Hopefully this makes more sense.

Larry, ah, ok, got it.

I assume it was made on a lathe.
The driving band is a very early Hotchkiss design which later was succeeded by the one that was still wide but had a “wave” shaped form.

Here a 1876 dated patent.
Projectile_002_1876.pdf (2.6 MB)

Thanks Alex! Exactly what I was looking for. I see the patent allows for helical (screw thread) or concentric rings machined in the band. Hotchkiss shells are new to me, so thank you (and Fede) for the info!