.425 Westley Richards headstamp - Identify maker?

I have had this case for ages, I found it in one of my drawers again. I posted it on the old forum I think in 2007, but no one was able to identify the maker.

Here are the photos, does anyone have an idea?

The case is headstamped “WR .425”

Thanks for any info.

It was made by Kynoch and some were found inside this scarce box labeled by Holland & Holland (I don’t know if it is exclusive to it):

Thanks Fede. I did not think it was British made as the domed brass primer is unusual for British cartridges. To me it had a more European look.

Thinking back, I believe I have seen some Kynoch 8mm Lebel rounds with this style of primer. I will put this case down for now as being made by Kynoch.

It may be a Wolfgang Romey.

Myhaly, the “WR” at top indicates “Westley Richards”. The Wolfgang Romey production is headstamped WR -pentagon- 425 -pentagon-.

Wesley Richards has close ties with the Birmingham Metals and Munitions Co (BSA). whether this round was made by them I have no idea. But in the abscence of any stronger view that would have to be considered as a possiblity.