.43 Egyptian Remington - UMC made?

I have a .43 Egyptian Remington. It has no headstamp. The case head has a slight “step” in it. The primer has a large brass domed cap. Am I correct that this identifies UMC production? I also have a .44-77 Remington with the same style of case head. Thanks in advance for any info.

Here are some photos:

Case heads: .43 Egyptian on left, .44-77 on right:

Rounds: .43 Egyptian on left, .44-77 on right:

Yes, Falcon, your 43 E was made by UMC…Randy

What about the .44-77 Remington? That also looks very similar.

Yes, 44-77 also appears UMC

Thanks, what sort of age are these rounds?

1870’s up thru 1911…Check closely at the mouth of the 44-77 to see if it was once paper patched…most were…and, your bullet having the number on it, the part of the paper patch above the mouth may have been removed…

Yes, there is evidence of a paper patch still there below the case mouth. Thanks for the info on the date.

Falcon: Something to keep in mind is that this technology was sold by UMC to various countries for military small arms ammunition production–Spain and Russia in particular–and can show up on ammo made far from Bridgeport. A Russian-made .42 Berdan cartridge, if unheadstamped, would be hard to distinguish from a UMC product. JG

Thanks, now at least I know if I come across any others.