43 Mauser H/S list?


Could use some help again. A few days ago I fell on a web site that had head stamp markings for the 43 Mauser cartridges. It had a row of pics of the H/S & next to it I would guess the name of the maker. writing was all in German . Now I cant find it. This was before I pic up this pile of 43 mauser cartridges with different H/S. . Would any one now of this site & how to get it… Thanks for any help.


Just letting every one know I found the list for the head stamps for the 43 Mauser cartridges.


Can you post a link?


Thy this . Not sure if it will work. I found it on this site. it was in a post around 2013 by a user pivi.

If that don’t work try in search. id help needed-probably mauser.
Sorry I’m not very good with computers… Let me know if it wok.


Copy and pasted it into the search box and found my way there. Thank you.