43 Mauser storage?

Here is a old way of storing your cartridges . No work involved. just takes years to get them this way. Box is till in good shape. Any thoughts on cleaning the cartridges .???.

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Vinegar(warm) and bronze brush.
Corrosion is due to Chlorine-bleached paper-pulp, and moisture/humidity/condensation.

What was the Packet ? DOMINION or other brand?
Doc AV

I soak them in vinegar and it usually clears everything. I put it in a plastic test tube and swirl it intermittently to help the process. With that much contamination you will need fresh vinegar for each of them. Sometimes I leave it soaking overnight, then everything comes off. And you will be able to read the headstamp after vinegar. Nice box.

Ironically, I note the box reads “SUPER CLEAN”.

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Sounds to that that is false advertising. LoL

Thats a Dominion Box