43 Mauser with pouch info?

Pic this up not long ago they said the pouch is from the WW 1, 1871 & was for the 43 Mauser. I have some Dominion ammo in the pouch & looks like the fit. But cant find any info on the maker or what date the pouch . There is some markings but not sure if it is German. Would some one know if this is correct . I do have some 43 Mauser 1889 That I would like to put in the pouch if it would be correct. Any help would be nice. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.


Can’t help much with the pouch. The back is very much in the style of the pouches worn as late as WWI by the German military for the 7.9 x 57 mm ammo in clips; that is, two belt loops and the suspender metal loop.

Mainly, I will express my opinion that you are NOT in the wrong place at all with your question. The carriers for ammunition, whether they be boxes, cartons, cans, cases, belt carriers, etc. are all part of the story of ammunition. Ammo feeding belts for MGS are very popular, as are charger clips, with cartridge collectors and on this forum. There is no particular difference in belt carriers for infantry ammunition.

Thanks for posting. Good pictures.

John Moss

To me the horizontal part of the text looks like “FRANKF A/M” which would be the city of “Frankfurt am Main”.

I’m still putting oil on the letters & took another pic . It looks like FRANKEAA.

I think Peelen is right and the A/M is actually pretty clear. Jack

Had another look.I think I need new glass. Peelen is right . FRANKFA/M. . What would that other name be. WAWOL. cant read the rest at the other end of the buckle. Would that be the comp. name that made the pouch. ???. Would be nice to know the date it was made.

Very nice M71 German Imperial Cartridge Pouch, for Patrone 11mm M71, ( and later M71/84).
Made by a combination of machine and hand stitching…the apex of leather-working art.
Labour was cheap and plentiful back in the 1870s!
The infantryman had two of these
Pouches, plus extra packets of cartridges in his Backpack.
I don’t know the allocation per man in the German army at the time.
Would complete a M71 or 71/84 theme collection…any replicas being made today?? Probably cost the earth!
A detailed set of designs and photos would be nice in order
for a replication by an amateur leatherworker like me.
Doc AV

W A WOL …undsoweiter is in my opinion the name of the manufacturer of the pouch. And as already remarked: the company was settled in Frankfurt am Main.
RESKLING, an existing German name, seems handwritten to me and could be the name of the holder/owner of the pouch.

According to the book Patronentaschen, Patronengürtel und Banduliere 1850-1950, by Alfred A.Kruk, what you have is a “Patronentasche für Infanterie M.74” that was officially modified around 1887.
Kruk was unable to find any official designation for the modified pouch and calls it “Patronentasche für Landwehr, Landsturm usw. M.74/87 (?)”.
He mentions in the book that due to the modification, the manufacturer’s marking isn’t always completely visible.

When was the Kruk book published, and the publisher?
Would be an excellent guide for Film and Re-enactor use.

Doc AV

For sale on Amazon, Doc. * ISBN-10: 3000053964* ISBN-13: 978-3000053962. Published 2000.
Not so cheap but rather inherent to these kind of books…

Back in 2002 Kruk’s email was Alfred.Kruk@gmx.de He. had a long list of items for sale and also sent me a list of English translations of the photo captions.

Thanks every one for all the great info on the mag pouch. Now to find the correct ammo to fill the pouch. Will look good in my display case. Thanks again.

Thought this mite be of interest. I could not figure out why I could not close the lid on the pouch. The cartridge divider was in back words. I did not know it could come out. Boy there was a lot of work macking that pouch. Here are a few pics .