43-mm VGM93 for GM-94

43-mm VGM93 for GM-94

VGM93.100 - thermobaric HE round
VGM93.200 - irritant round
VGM93.300 - smoke round
VGM93.400 - sound-and-flash round
VGM93.500 - non-lethal aerosol round
VGM93.600 - percussion-and-shock round
VGM93.700 - inert round
VGM93.800 - drill round
VGM93.900 - fragmentation round
VGM93.1200 - flare round
VGM93.1300 - signal round

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I have one of these (the 6th one along) with a heavy, plastic projectile. I assumed that it was a baton round, but was told that it was actually a practice round.

Lot number and year?

Tony, your’s is a TP then. Sure nothing one want to be hit by during a demonstration.

On the projectile is stencilled in black: 533 3-09

On the case side is a flattened diamond with a dash in it, then: 02 - 10 BGM93.700
(I have transliterated the G - it looks like a 7 reversed).

The “dash” is actually an arrow.

So it is! The paint is somewhat faded on mine…

There are two types of symbol images - an arrow in a rhombus: complete with an arrow and simplified with a dash.

You must have an arrow