.43 Remington ¿coiled?


Is there a .43 Remington Spanish coiled?
I could not find any info about it.



There are coiled .43 Spanish, generally considered to be made in the Phillipines, but these tend to be rather poorly made. Yours is too well made, and has a British look, except you’d expect it to have a separate iron washer-like head attached by a battery type primer. What are the measurements?


Thanks for your answer.

Lenght 2,30"
Base 0,33"
Rimm 0,63"
Neck 0,46"
Bullet 0,43"



Some of the cartridges for the Comblain and Albini tribe were produced with rolled brass cases. Perhaps this is Belgian? Jack


Besides Phillipine production other coiled case .43 Spanish Remington cartridges do exist but are very rare. I’m aware of some Rodman-Crispin types with steel rim.

However I believe this specimen is a .43 Spanish Remington coiled case cartridge used by Peruvian Navy Gatling machine guns (during may 21, 1879 one was mounted in the famous Huáscar monitor). All peruvian ships with this kind of gun were british made.

Complete measurements provided by Martin:
Case lenght: 58,00 mm
Body lenght: 41,50 mm
Neck lenght: 15,70 mm
Rim diameter: 16,60 mm
Head diameter: 13,30 mm
Shoulder diameter: 12,40 mm
Neck diameter: 11,90 mm
Bullet diameter: 11,00 mm
Total lenght: 73,30 mm
Rim thickness: 2,00 mm
Head height: 8,40 mm


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