.43 Sp. Rem. (?) ID


I am guessing this to be a .43 Spanish Remington. Also, please help with the headstamp: “PMH 96”. I can’t find that one.


Some old black powder cartridges need some help

this should help
Military Pyrotechnics Havana (Spanish colony of Cuba, at the time). 1896



Thank you for that ID. I think this one is my first Cuban cartridge!



The initials PMH come from the Spanish form: Pirotecnico Militar de Habana. Iit could be Pirotecnicos Militares de Habana - I am not sure if it is expressed in the singular or plural, as I don’t recall ever seeing the name in a primary source.


Correct spanish name is “Pirotécnia Militar de La Habana”. Correct english translation is “Havana’s Military Pyrotechnics”


That’s right, but without the accent over the “e” in Pirotecnia.


Isn’t it odd that the pictured cartridge appears to be an 11 m/m Spanish Remington rather than an 11 m/m Reformado? I ask the question in part because I have an Havana-produced round with the Remington case shape (i.e. a distinct bottleneck) but loaded with a brass jacketed bullet. Were they in fact producing both types in 1896? Jack


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Fede and Schneider - I see my mistake. Pirotecnia is the noun and pyroténico is the adjective form, even though both mean the same thing, a maker of pyrotechnics. Sorry about that. My Spanish gets poorer and poorer with litlle use of it since I retired 10 years ago.


Jack - I have a number of P M H 94/95/96 cartridges, both tapered and bottlenecked cases, loaded with the brass covered “Reformado” style bullet. The overall cartridge and case lengths vary all over the place!!


Phil: Yes, the specimen I mentioned looks like your last cartridge, oil-dented shoulder and all. I wonder if all this doesn’t suggest that after Spain lost Cuba in 1898 the Havana facility was operated by “local interests” whose background in cartridge assembly wasn’t of a high order. I’ve seen pics of sealed boxes of cartridges produced here under Spanish authority and wonder if the contents of those boxes aren’t tidier looking than these. Thanks, Jack