.43 Spanish Headstamp question

The IAA headstamp guide doesn’t list an ‘AG’, so just wondering if anybody can identify it.

It is a .43 Spanish and the headstamp is AG 94


In “The Cartridge Guide”, by Ian Hogg, it’s listed as, (serial 70), "Arsenal de Guerra, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mark used pre-1900."
And the one pictured looks like a larger hs, with the same format, and the year 95.
Hope this helps.

Hi Sam,

Thanks. I have the headstamps AG 93, 94 and 95, so this fits. The round with the 93 date is larger and is clearly AG.

I thought I’d answered my own question when just looking in The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition by George Hoyem, Volume 2, p. 236 at item CFR224©. Although Hoyem states that this was made by US Cartridge Co. and that the h/s is AO 95. But from the specimens I have and what is provided in Hogg, I’d say that the info in Hoyem is incorrect.

As a supplemental question, and when referring to Jean Huon, Military Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridges, what is a typical .43 Spanish Nordenfeldt or Gatling gun round and how can they be distinguished from rifle rounds? This is a new collecting category for me!


“Culots de Munitions Atlas, Tome 1” by Jorion and Regenstreif shows your headstmap with the 94 date. They attribute the loading of the cartridges and the headstamp to Arsenal de Guerra in Bueos Aires, also, but attribute the actual case manufacture to Remington, made and exported to Argentina for the Arsenal.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this information, but rather simply report it, since I have no expertise at all in this field.

They show dates of 93, 94 and 95 also, so are pretty much in agreement with what Paul has in his collection.

John Moss

This cartridges were in fact manufactured by the United States Cartridge Company without headstamp. They were later reloaded (bullet, powder and primer) and sometimes headstamped with AG only, AG 93, AG 94 & AG 95 by the Arsenal de Guerra of Buenos Aires, Argentina (there are not two headstamps alike and even different bunters sizes were used). Rare blank variations also exist.

The same thing happened to .38 Colt Army cartridges, later reloaded and headstamped APG (Arsenal Principal de Guerra) and AEL (Arsenal Esteban De Luca).

.43 Spanish Remington cartridges made by E. Remington, UMC and REM-UMC were also used by Argentina but they were never headstamped here.

Hi Fede,

Thank you for the correction and additional information.


[quote=“Paul Smith”]The IAA headstamp guide doesn’t list an ‘AG’, so just wondering if anybody can identify it.

It is a .43 Spanish and the headstamp is AG 94


Hi Paul,

it is a surprise to see this cartridge in one piece [color=red]:o)[/color]


Ha! Good one Rene.

Although I think that it would be quite ‘boring’ inside.

I am trying to identify some items in a collection. It is always a long and hard learning curve when you start dealing with items outside your own speciality. Thank goodness for this forum.