43x30mm VGM93.600

Hi guys, I have the fired projectile used in 43x30mm VGM93.600 baton round with a fired 43x30mm VGM93.100 marked case (used in the thermobaric variant of the ammunition family) shown below. The projectile comes with an insert that fits its GBbase. My first observation is that the projectile cannot be seated fully into the case when the insert is fitted into the projectile. The VGM93.100 marked case is internally threaded where the thermobaric projectile is normally screwed on.
Does anyone know what the insert does and how the VGM93.600 projectile is normally held on the case? Thank you


I do not know, but I am intrigued…

Cal you show a picture looking down into the threaded portion of the cartridge?


This is how it looks internally

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The thread appeared after 2010 at 100/700, at 600 there is no thread all the time.


Here on the left is the 600th not shot assembled

This is how the projectile VGM93.600 is attached, the red bottom part
(on the left - in the initial state, on the right - while driving)

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New and old type cases. The right version of the case is the same as in VGM93.600

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This is very helpful information and image material. Thank you Hooke!

I doubt is this is very helpful, but you’ll never know.
VGM93.100 pdf_2100.pdf (547.1 KB)
VGM93.600 pdf_2105.pdf (552.1 KB)

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This is interesting material. Thank you!