Let’s see if this works. I thought I would post pics of a few of my boxes just for fun.


Great boxes. I don’t recall seeing an American Metallic Cartridge box in .44-40 before. Seems like all the the AMCCo boxes I stumble across are .32 and .38 S&W. The blue label on the early WRACo box is a nice one, also.

Ok, so I think I have the link working now to the album with around 10 pics in it. About a year ago I found all these in a closet in grandpa’s house. Sorry, i can’t do it to you guys. Just kidding. I’ve been hound dogging 44-40 boxes for over 10 years now. Usually pay too much, but I have amassed a decent grouping of almost 50 WRACO boxes, ALL DIFFERENT, and a few others. Thought it time I share some of them for viewing pleasure. Any thoughts? Have to go to dinner out w/ the wife, I’ll check back later… Thanks.

Nice boxes! I don’t really collect .44-40 cartridges or boxes - have an accumulation of about 50 cartridges and four or five boxes, ranging up to a post-WWII Remington box that was the ammo the San Francisco Police Department last had on hand for the Colt Lightning rifles they had, one of which I own now. They were a separate contract, less than 300 of them, with serial numbers start with “SFP.” Most of them survived in 95%+ condition, like mine, with some being absolutely in brand new condition.

Well, the point is, I really enjoyed seeing those nice boxes, especially the one from American Metallic Cartridge Company! The variety of good items on this Forum is nothing short of wonderful!

John Moss

Yes, all the SF lightning stuff is very collectible. I would like to find a box of 44-40 for the Colt Lightning Magazine Rifle. They are fairly scarce. I collect 44-40 boxes in Winchester/western ONLY, as I also collect the Win rifles. I don’t collect the other brands, but have friends who do. I’m trying to document all the variations of 44-40 that Winchester/western ever made. I have almost 50 now, all different variations. I also collect 44 Henry in New Have or Winchester ONLY. I will occasionally buy a WRACO box for one of the ohter calibers for the lever action Winchesters, but only if it beautiful and priced right. Hey, it’s all FUN and keeps me looking! I’m willing to trade off the 38-40 LESMOK box in my album, but on ly for the above listed. Cheers and happy holidays to all. Tony

Hey Guy, if you are tempted to “cash in” in some of the higher prices the 45 Colts, and 44-40 have become, please keep me in mind for that WRACO 44 box I have emailed you about before. How about some Christmas cheer over here? Happy Holidays!