44 - 45 Cal Rim Fire Help me identify


I have a rim fire cartridge with a case length of 2.1 inches, 2.557 inchs OAL, 0.602 inch rim dia… The head stamp has an “R” at 12 o’clock, “82” at 3, “F” at 6 and “6” at 9. The mouth and lead bullet are a little dinged but measures closer to 0.45 than 0.44.


Steve Wagner


Steve-- It is not a rimfire. It is a .45-70 Government Benet Primed. If you look you will see 2 grooves just above the head. These hold a cup inside that contains the priming compound. This is a centerfire cartridge. The “R” means Rifle (there are also ones with C for Carbine), “F” = Frankford arsenal. “6 82” = June 1882.


Steve, look at the case a bit - roughly .25" - above the rim. You will see two indents about .5" long perpendicular to the axis of the case. These anchored a ribbon of metal which held the pellet of priming compound against the base of the case on the inside - the inside primer.




What you’re describing is the bar-anvil primer. Ron described the Benet cup anvil which is what the 45-70-405 was primed with.



Thanks guys !!

Want to try two more?

These are center fire, rimmed, with no head stamp. The rim is tapered like the 7.62x57R except thar these taper almost to a sharp edge.

The first has a 0.534" rim, 1.77" case length, 2.287" OAL, straight taper, 0.372 bullet. It looks like a 38-40 Remington-Hepburn or a 38-35 Stevens or 38 Bullard but I don’t have any dimensions for those.

Second is a tapered case with a very long shoulder and a long neck. The rim is 0.524", 1.842" case length, 2.247" OAL, 0.308 bullet. The case dia. at the base is 0.455", slight taper for a dist of 0.78", a sharper taper for a dist of 0.45", then a neck, 333" and 0.46 long.