.44-60 Peabody "Creedmoor"


I have a cartridge that I labeled many years ago as ".44-60 Peabody “Creedmoor”. I have NO idea where I got that ID, but I certainly did not just dream it up. I have spent all afternoon looking for a reference to back up my ID, but have not found one. Anybody else ever seen or heard of this cartridge.?

It appears to be the same as a .44-60 Sharps, Necked. It is unheadstamped, but has a oval or rounded base instead of the more flat UMC style base. It is round nosed paper patched. Case length is 1.913. Bullet (over the paper patch is 0.446. Rim is 0.616 (compared to 0.621 for a .44-60 Sharps, Necked in my collection).



No expert here, as you well know, but I believe that the two cartridges are the same. As is the 44-60 Wincester. So there are 4 cartridges with different names but otherwise identical. Everbody was cashing in on the “Creedmore” moniker in those quaint days.

Again, JMHO



Ray–I agree that all of them are the same basic case, but I don’t think they are the same cartridge. Different heads, bullets and, most likely, ballistics.

I finally found the source of my ID. It is from COTW by Barnes.



The same as the 50-70 Govt and the 50 Sharps 1 3/4" are the same cartridge.

I don’t think that these are any different than today’s modern ammo. The 280 Remington for example. The Remington brand has a 150 grain Core-lokt bullet and the base measures .464". Norma has a 156 grain Oryx bullet and the base measures .469".