.44-77 Remington "MM" headstamp

Who manufactured a .44-77 Remington case headstamped “44 77 MM”?

The case has “Murry McNichols” written on it. Who is/was he?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Falcon - Murry McNicol (note spelling) was a producer of lathe-turned cartridge cases in obsolete calibers, and was in business from th 1940s until the 1970s. He was located in Great Falls, Montana, USA. His “MM” headstamp was standard on the cases he produced. See the IAA Journal, Issue 434, Nov/Dec 2003, page 51, for pictures of 10 different calibers in the column “Witt’s End,” by our friend Otto Witt.

Information on McNicol in my files courtesy of George Kass.

Thanks for the info John, it’s really appreciated.

Falcon–Here is some more info on “M M”. This information is from Gary Muckel.

Thanks for the info, that gives a bit more background.