.44 and .357 amp

My local gunstore has four 50 round boxes of 70’s AMP ammo.
2 X Sandia .44 Amp and 1 X Sandia .357 Amp then a factory box (red/black/white AMP) of .44 Amp.

Is this stuff desirable - collectable?

Not in my wheelhouse - but if I can trade for rare 8mm - i will buy it.


It’s relatively very uncommon. As far as collectibility goes, the problem is that there is so little diversity in those calibers, and that much of it was borderline handloaded (by small outfits), that there isn’t quite enough for collectors to dig their teeth into. You actually will see the best prices when listing stuff like this on a gun auction site where shooters who possess these caliber guns have to search far & wide for loaded ammo. An original box of either of those calibers will usually go for anywhere from $50 to $150 due to bidder eccentricity.

Here’s a current listing for 44 Auto at $140:

I think i will pick it up - thank you.