44 Bull Dog Winchester box and ammo HELP

edit- I am not selling this box, this is for my collection. I don’t understand why my post was flagged as spam?

I recently picked up some vintage ammo at an estate sale. I am having some trouble figuring out a value for this box. The box feels like it is full, it is taped shut and I don’t want to mess it up. Any help with rarity, mfg date and value would be much appreciated.

I would also appreciate any advice on conserving and protecting the box from further deterioration.

Nathan, It probably has a punch code date on the side labels. A good image of this code may allow the box to be dated.


why was this flagged? ITs not for sell.

Thanks for the reply. I do not see anything on the side panels but here are pictures. Also, I used a razor blade to cut the tape and there are 27 rounds in the box.


all I see on the side is “44 cal” and “44 Bull Dog”

Ok I see now you can upload pictures directly to the site instead of using an image hosting site. Here are the pictures of the box sides. - I can only add 1 picture per reply apparently.

Glad that is now corrected.
Something to look for with these 2-piece boxes is that the side seal matches top and bottom.
With the side view you show the text does not quite line up. With the end view the label end’s do not line up and the top and bottom are not the same color.
Usually a clue the box top is on the bottom 180º out or it’s not original to the box - a marriage.

Not saying anything is wrong here without a closer look, just letting you know about things like this as your just starting.

Some rounds appear original to the box, even if some are misfires.

Thanks for that info. The other side of the box has almost all of the label missing, so I don’t know if the top is on wrong or if its a marriage. It looks like at least half of the rounds are misfires.