44 Evans Long Shot/ Multi-ball?

Here is a 44 Evans Long shot loading. It has a dark green almost shinny paper shot sabot. Pheonix Metallic Cartridge loaded paper shot sabots in a number of different calibers but I don’t remember seeing one this dark green. Is this a Pheonix load?


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I believe Phoenix used green paper to note Multi-ball loadings And perhaps it might be American Metallic, but I lean more towards Phoenix. The cone shape with a flat tip is a multi-ball load.
Re the shiny green. I have two, one glossy dark green like you show the other a lighter green with a more normal surface to the paper. Both seem to be in the same case as you show.

Thanks Pete, It could well be a multi-ball load. When given the “squeeze” test the Sabot feels very firm.


The multi ball used in these was not a round ball as such but more like a slug with a domed top

My experience shows that AMC produced Evans shots with two color sabots. Green being identified as #8 in boxes of 25 and “burnt orange” without a shot # and in boxes of 50.

RF.44, thanks for the reply. Good to know. Any chance of posting pictures of the boxes?

Thanks again,


Paul. RF 44 may well be correct your mention of a squeeze test being firm is more in line with it being a shot loading, as I’ve since learned.