44 Evans New Model


I ahve a loaded vintage round of 44 Evans New Model, anyone have an idea as to the value, I have some info about it, but I seem to have different ideas as to the value one source seems to think it’s worth about $3 another says $20, wide difference, so looking for some help. Thanks


Welcome aboard, red!

Unless the specimen is a real mess, the $3 would be below market, but how much more it might be worth is a big pile of “it depends” matters - headstamp (if any), the loading (standard or something unusual such as a shot type), etc. Just not enough information to offer more than a WAG of “probably something more than $3.”

Clear photos of cartridge base and profile are also enormously helpful.





It was me who gave him the $3 estimate on another forum. I based it on the JOURNAL “Cartridge Prices” which gave it a value of $2.50. If I was wrong I certainly stand corrected.