44 flat rimfire box - wards auction

The most recent Ward’s collectibles auction just ended with many collectible boxes sold and I see near the top of the list is a 44 flat rimfire (Henry?) box of 50rds which was sealed, and it sold for $2613.00 ! What commands such a price in this case, the box condition itself, or the rarity of a complete and sealed box for this type?



Yes, .44 Henry Flat

Although not in pristine condition…
A…It is a Winchester box
B…Full and Sealed
C…All labels intact and readable

I would venture a guess that in nice condition, it would fetch close to twice the money…


It’s an auction and is like all other auctions. Feeding Frenzy. Notice that it and the other .44 box both had more than 10 bids. Half those guys were probably bidding on both boxes. When the clock gets down to that last minute, some guys go nuts. Eric’s auctions close at 7 pm but are seldom completed before midnight. I sometimes bid on some of his items. I put in the highest bid I am willing to go and then shut the PC down and go to bed. I don’t even succumb to a quick peek to see how I’m doing. Okay, that’s a lie. I do look if there is something that I really, really want and I know that some of you guys are bidding on it too. ;-) ;-)


This is a “crossover” item where you have a some Winchester GUN collectors bidding who want a box of ammo to go with their Henry rifle.

Since the rifles sell in the $25K (and UP!) range, they are willing and able to drop a bunch of cash for something to go with it. Cartridge collectors seem to have different thoughts on values, but then again, there are lots of expensive cartridges that gun collectors would wonder what sort of crazy person would spend that much for “a bullet.”

I believe that owners of old and valuable guns who want full boxes of period ammunition to go with their guns are a major driver of such high prices.

They may be the drivers, and I can’t disagree with that, but if so, the cartridge collectors are certainly the passengers.