.44 Gallery cartridge?

Could somebody tell me anything about this cartridge please. I’d guess it’s based on a .44 Henry cartridge and measures 21mm up to the shoulder. It has an overall length of 33.5mm and has a copper rimfire case with the casemouth left open. I have seen these sectioned and they are loaded with a single lead ball seated just beneath the shoulder. The headstamp is a single letter ‘H’.


Hello Jim,

There are have several different .44 Henry Rf’s with this extended case and raised “H” headstamp. One, the “Ira Paine” is loaded with a round ball usually seated half way or more down the case and covered with a cardboard wad. The weight is about 12.5 grams. These were reportedly used for short range indoor shooting and exhibitions.

There is also a 44 Henry extended case shot. It has a cardboard wad very close to the case mouth, weight about 15.5 grams.

The third type of 44 Henry raised “H” extended case are blanks. The ones I’ve seen have wads anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 down the case and weight between about 5.0 grams to 6.3 grams.

The color of the wads vary.


ALRIGHT! Now we’re having fun! OK, so I collect something other than 44-40, yes, 44 Henry too. (NHA or wraco only). That’s a great shell, thanks for sharing it with us. I wish I had another. I have one. Mine is the SHOT version that “rimfire” talks about. He is correct about the different versions. My friend in the medical profession actually xrayed it for me. It is a SHOT shell, also with raised H. Thanks again for sharing it with us! Cheers!


Thank you both for the info. I should have mentioned - as Rimfire seems to stress the point - that the ‘H’ is impressed into the base and not raised. I have got a rather crudely sectioned one of these somewhere which I will post a picture of when I’ve found it.

Rather crude sectioning work - for which I wasn’t responsible - but it does show quite clearly the position of the round lead ball.



Interesting cross section. I wouldn’t have the heart to do that to one of my Henrys.

The only reason I mentions the raised “H” headstamp is those are the ones I have. I’ve seen “Ira Paine” round ball and shot extended cases with impressed “H”. I can’t remember seeing a impressed H blank (there are a lot of things I can’t remember anymore) but I would guess they exist. There is also a impressed “U” extended case blank.


The round that I show along with its Xray, has a raised H. In fact, it is one of the sharp well defined raised H; as opposed to the thick rather crude looking raised H.