.44 headstamp question. (Edit: 44 S&W Russian, Liteiny Otdel of St. Petersburg plant, 1894)

Would be grateful if anyone could provide a manufacturer ID on the following .44 revolver cartridge:


This is not in my possession, therefore; am unable to add any measurements.

Congratulations, it’s a nice .44 S&W Russian with a cyrillic headstamp made in 1894 by at Saint Petersbourg


I want to add this one, comparing the headstamp with some 10,6x42 berdan russian made, I have deducted that Л stand for lungansk ammunition plant in Ukrainia and it was made in 1885, but I have no idea what the 0 could be. can somebody confirm, please?

Л (L) and O stand for Liteiny Otdel of St. Petersburg ctg plant = Liteiny avenue Department of St. Petersburg ctg plant!
Lungansk ammunition plant did start production in 1897 only.


Thank you very much for this identification!