.44 Henry flat with odd 'H' headstamp

Here’s a long case .44 Henry flat that just about slipped by me while I was looking for additions for my web page trade lists - at first glance, it looks like a standard raised H in a depressed circle, but something looked odd about it, even to my old eyes. Looking at it with the magnifier revealed that it has rather fancy serifs on the top of the H. I am aware of the Hirtenberger H, which is much fancier. All of the New Haven and Winchester headstamps that I am aware of have straight serifs. Who made this one?


I have a 44 short RF with a similar headstamp except it has a drape in the center bar of the “H”. This cartridge also has all the hallmarks of a Winchester manufactured item. Suydam pictures one that looks like mine in his “The American Cartridge”. I’ve asked around several advanced RF collector. They either had no guess or thought it was a broken headstamp bunter. Personally I think it was intended to be that way but I have no proof one way or the other.


Thanks. I recall seeing this headstamp pictured somewhere, but can’t recall where it was. I would doubt that the headstamp is he result of a broken bunter, as the two ‘breaks’ match so closely - that sure wouldn’t happen by chance. I think your ‘drape’ on the crossbar is just a flaw in the headstamp resulting from metal fragments on the die; mine also has an extra curved attachment to on the lower right leg of the H.

Is anyone aware of this modified ‘H’ on any other rimfire cartridge besides a .44 Henry flat with the long case?