.44 henry (flat)

This was given to me Christmas 2008…a full sealed box. Any idea of vintage? What can you tell me?

All I seem to ever get for Christmas is socks and underwear. While I do enjoy that fresh out of the package comfort of new socks and underwear, a full box of .44 Henry would be a very pleasant surprise.

Your box was made between 1914 and 1916. If the stamped code on the back of the box is still legible, which it is quite likely given the apparent superb condition of the box, then the exact day the box was filled can be determined.

as part of the regular label print, upper left on back theres a 4-H … in stamped purple ink M 5 and either an H or K in an left open square box … any additional help?

An awful fine gift! Sure beats socks!

Well, I’ll try my hand at using new found knowledge courtesy of Dick Fraser’s information in IAA #469. It would appear this box falls outside the expected dates that the label was used. While the label suggests 1914-1916, the stamp on the bottom appears to indicate a box filling date of May 5, 1921, which is a bit late to still be using UMC labels. Is it possible you read it upside down, and it was actually H2W or H5W?

ok, if the 5 is considered correct then the stamp is as stated…if its any help, the end flaps say ‘rim fire’ and black powder…i’ll be nice to my daughter an try to post pics of each side and bottom ? …