44 Henry L&K


This beauty from the upcoming Rock Island auction, opening at a paltry $15K, contains the L&K headstamped rounds as indicated by the label. In describing the two examples of this headstamp in his auctions, Buttweiler attributed it to “either Phoenix Metallic Cartridge Company or the Union Metallic Cartridge Company.” A search of the IAA Journal archives turns up a couple of statements attributing the headstamp to Phoenix but with no supporting information. Frank Krasnickas in Cartridges of South Coventry illustrates an L&K headstamped round as PMC manufacture, but again with no supporting information. Is anyone aware of any definitive evidence that this headstamp was ever produced by PMC? Listing: invaluable.com/auction-lot/e … 84444b394e


Are there known physical variations in 44 Henry cartridges bearing L & K headstamps? Clearly UMC did make a cartridge with that headstamp; maybe Phoenix did too. On the other hand, maybe someone just assumed Phoenix made 'em, since the raised design perhaps suggested Phoenix’s own headstamp in this caliber. Jack


The Winchester and the Phoenix in these both have a slight raised ring between the outer edge of the rim (high center) and the center dish, along with a slight ring at the outer edge. The L&K doesn’t show this being flat in that area, but the bullet is more similar to the Phoenix that of the Winchester. So perhaps some slight characteristics, but definitely made by UMC.
I don’t have a raised U in this variation so can’t compare it.


Pete, I think I see what you’re referring to. Here is a comparison with a raised U in that caliber and the base is definitely not the same configuration on the two. The bullets look identical to me and for what it’s worth, the two rounds don’t vary by one full grain in weight.


Rich: What do the two cartridges weigh? I’ve been trying to obtain weights of loaded rounds of the 44 Henry and that pair would be of much interest to me. Thanks, Jack


Sorry about whatever went south with my pics on photobucket - rest assured that the tech department here is working feverishly on it and promises same-year service.

Jack, the L&K comes in at 319.8 grs and the raised U at 320.7 grs.


Rich: Thanks for the additional info and also for the images not with us just now. The similarity of the L&K stamp to the U was clear. Jack