.44 Henry Short verses .44 rimfire short

Myself and another member of the IAA are attempting to identify 2 .44 RF cartridges.

Can any one provide us the case length and overall length of the .44 Henry Short and the .44 RF short.

Thank you for your assitance.

.44 Short Rimfire:

Case Length: Vary a great deal. 0.626" to 0.689"
Cartridge OAL: Again, much variation. 1.110" to 1.300"

.44 Henry Flat - Short Case Rimfire:

Case Length: Not so much variation. 0.807" to 0.821"
Cartridge OAL: 1.311" to 1.356"

Reference: Suydam, Charles R., “The American Cartridge,” Borden Publishing Company, Alhambra, California: 1960, pp 99-100, 104

I should have noted that the measurements I gave are based on six specimens each, in the cited book. If one measured every round in a top collection of these two calibers, they might find even a larger variation in the spread of measurements.

There should be no problem distinguishing the .44 short from the short case .44 Henry, as there is no overlap in case lengths between the two; its the .44 long that can occassionally cause problems. John Barber in his book The Rimfire Cartridge provides a good way to sort out most of the .44 Henry pretenders based on the overall length of the cartridge. He says there is a critical overall length of 1.37", beyond which the cartridge will hang up as it is raised to the chambering position in the carrier of the rifle. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Henry or Model 66 rifle handy to check my cartridges with, so I have to depend on his expertise when trying to sort out my boarderline .44 Henrys/.44 Longs.

To all of you who responded, Thank you very much for taking the time to assist me in identifying the cartridges.