44 Henry with wad over powder

A while back I got this 44 Henry Pointed Short Case. Some one had pulled the bullet. There is a wad over the powder charge. Was this common with early rimfires? Any idea who made it?

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There were cases in which the manufacturer offered the Henry cartridge with two different powder charges. When loading to the lighter charge it would have been necessary to add a wad to keep the loading density the same as the full-charge version, assuming the bullet was left at its original OA length. Perhaps this is such a one. Jack

Jack thanks fro the reply. I’ll have to do some research as to what powder weights were used in 44 Henry SC Pointed.


Looking a little deeper into this I compared this round to other pointed 44 Henry Short cases in my collection. Based on bullet profile and case characteristics it was very similar to an early 44 Pointed made by New Haven Arms Co. My New Haven Arms 44 Pointed weighted 296 grains and the disassembled one with the wad weighed 295 grains.

In Barber’s “The Rimfire Cartridge” he stated that the original New Haven Arms 44 Henry Pointed Short Case was loaded with an over powder wad and a lubrication disc over that. Due to the fact that if the lubricant melted it would seep into the powder this was discontinued in about 1863. I guess I just answered my own question.


This didn’t occur to me until later, but there was an interesting post on this forum by John Kort (w30wcf) in 2013 titled “.44 Henry bullets and sectioned cartridges.” He shows what seems to be the twin to your specimen and three other Henry rounds, with bullets and cutaways. Jack


Thanks again.
Here’s the post you mention in case anyone is interested.