44 Magnum snap cap? toy? cartridge

Here is an item I’ve had for a while and know nothing about. It’s a one piece plastic snap cap or toy cartridge? It appears to be painted silver. The headstamp is “PAT. NO. 1091488 PAT P”.
It has an empty primer pocket and a 7.8mm deep cavity in the “bullet”. In the center of the bullet cavity is a second cavity filled with some type of a white substance.

Rim: 12.51mm
Base: 11.68mm
Neck: 11.51mm
Cs Lgt: 33.68mm
Total Lgt: 40.18mm

snap cp blt

Ant thoughts on what it might be and who made it?



there is a patent given, but i cannot view it with my phone, as i am very abroad…peter

Forensic, I found that patent but it’s for a “Attachment for internal-combustion engines” issued to Dodge on March 31, 1914. Maybe not a US patent?


yes, I just found it out, by myself at the bureau-Computer now…
The GSM had no app to open the file in the patent…
Maybe that patent was never granted, as it says PAT P (= Patent pending)

If it is not an US-Patent, it must be from an english speaking country,But I have no access to british or australian patentdatabases,maybe someone can check that locally…