44 Maynard (fake!)


This is my 1st dentist cartridge. I usually gravitate towards WWI & WWII, so usually don’t really look at them carefully and don’t know much about them. I got it because of a sweet $2 offer. I still don’t know its monetary value. May someone create a quick Maynard synopsis? Like why there are so many different lengths of them at the shows? Where Maynard guns that numerous and popular?



Is this a maynard? Is it maybe some special cartridge for some conversion gun? Or maybe (and most likely) I’m just not familiar with all maynard types…


Did someone add a brass ring?



You bought a $2 44 Special cartridge and a brass washer for the kitchen sink. Brass washers at Ace Hardware are almost as expensive as cartridges so you probably got a good deal.



Well, at least I did not spend too much. I wondered about the headstamp, it looks so modern.


This is a novel approach to making a cartridge for one of the Model 1873 Maynard rifles that takes the thick rim cartridge, however, I suspect it was for use in a .40 caliber rifle rather than a .44.