44 REM info needed

Could someone please help with some specific Factory loading information on a relatively uncommon round headstamped REM-UMC 44 REM externally, it is the same as the normal 44-40 round, or is it ?, how about internally?, what I would like is any actual Remington loading data and the date of its introduction, Ron I understand you have a well stocked library of Remington catalogs and related info can you help here. Thanks Randy

It is the same cartridge if IIRC.


Randy, .44 WCF cartridges headstamped REM-UMC 44 REM were made starting in 1912 when Remington’s Model 14 1/2 rifle was introduced. This special headstamp was discontinued in 1923.

A Portuguese advertisement dated 1915:

Randy–On 10 Jan. 2010 we had a full discussion of this round. Here is a link to that thread.


Thanks Ron for the thread that was done in Jan 2010 all I wanted was there, and to Fede for the copy of the Portuguese add, and Martin for the picture of the rifle showing the headstamp and barrel markings, good stuff, I have one more question, did the 38-40 rifle also have the cartridge case headstamp on its receiver ? Randy

The model 14 and the 14 1/2 had a cartridge head inset in the receiver of the showing caliber of the rifle. .25, .30, .32 and .35 Rem on the 14.

OK thank you, Randy