44 Rim Fire

Does anyone load modern 44 Long Rimfire for shooting?

Commercially of recent manufacture? I don’t know of any. At one time, I remember Dixie Gun Works sold .44 shells that used a .22 RF blank on one side as a primer which could be loaded, but the cartridge had to be oriented so the firing pin hit the rim of the .22. No idea if that would fit your needs. I think that those were for .44 Henry. You might check their website.

Thanks for the response.
A friend of mine has a 1866 Winchester. The Dixie Gun Works adapter won’t work because of the dual firing pin.
Any other suggestions?

If you’re handy with tools you can make a firing pin with just one “pin”. I was into re-enacting a long time ago and that’s what we did. Or, you might be able to find a gunsmith who has some broken firing pins in his junk box. One of the pins breaking off was very common in the old Winchesters and Henrys.

But, isn’t there an outfit in CA or NV that sells new-made rim fire cartridges?


If anyone can “make” it today or offer a solution contact :

Hayley Custom Ammo.
Bob Hayley
211 N. River St.
PO box 889
Seymour TX 76380
Phone and Fax # 1-940-888-3352