.44 Russian informations

Hi everyone, was .44 S&W Russian widely used in USA during the Indian Wars and pre-ww1 period?

I know the .44 Russian was considered to be a very accurate round and a lot of match / gallery shooting was done with them here in the US.

From the U.M.C.Co. ledger book the best information I have regarding dates are:

Commenced making the .44 S&W Russian heavy ball in Nov. of 1904.

Commenced making the .44 Russian Nov. 1881
Russian gallery for 20 yards Feb. 1898
Smokeless )ball) March 1896
Gallery smokeless April 1900
Commenced making Self-lube bullets Jan. 1895

Remington quit offering the .44 Russian with the REM-UMC headstamp ca. 1925

Thank you, so was it used for target shooting instead for defence?

It was not an offical US government cartridge, if that’s what you mean.

I mean guns carried by civilians, it’s bad to say in this way but I mean if it was used by cowboys

If you look at the dates it was being produced it does overlap the cowboy era, but mostly at the end of it.

Cowboys bought their own firearms and a lot of them were not well paid. That everyone walked around with a gun on there belt is a bit of Hollywood creeping into history.

Remington was stil cataloguel listing 44 Russian in 1954 which attests to its popularity.

Interesting Orange, I got the 1925 date from Dick Frasers list on REM-UMC headstamps printed in the journal several years ago.

The best index of popularity of the .44 Russian cartridge is probably sales of revolvers by Smith & Wesson and Colt in that caliber. It was relatively popular as a target cartridge but less so for general use by people needing large caliber handguns. By this I mean sales were significant but distinctly less than .45 Colt, .44-40, and the .38-40. Jack

Last date was 1956 .in Rem catalogue as shown in catalogue links on this site.

Bear in mind that after the .44 Special came out .44 Russian brass could be used to make light charge loads for pistols in Special caliber. Jack

I believe the .44 Russian was the first handgun cartridge designed to use an inside lubricated bullet. Not likely too many will do it, but the .44 Russian can be fired in any .44 Special or .44 Magnum revolver. Aside from case length, other dimensions are substantially identical.