44 s&w r

I have found this 44 S&W R:

The headstamp look like a “double”. What is this headstamp saying?

Lars, the correct headstamp says Русскіи П. З. 44 and indicates manufacture by the Russian Cartridge Factory in Moscow.

Here is an earlier discussion of another cartridge with a clearer headstamp: iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopi … =8&t=17050



A very interesting headstamp as it seems to be overstamped. Unfortunately I can not read it propperly in this photo.

Thanks Fede, and Alex your are right, I think also, that the headstamp is overstamped.

m89, do you happen to have a scanner?
Maybe a high res scan of the hs will bring a more legible image?
I am really curious about the “2nd headstamp”.

Okay Alex I will try to make a better picture, or I bring it to H.O.

Lars and Alex, the original headstamp found in some of these cartridges is the dated style used by St. Petersburg (looks like П 9? 3). These overstamped cartridges by Р.П.З. can be found marked with the caliber or with a six-pointed asterisk. Regards, Fede.

[quote=“m89”] …or I bring it to H.O.

That sounds best :)

That makes sense as for the digits. Now I wonder why this was done.