.44 S&W Russian H/S?


Just got a nice .44 S&W Russian round with an interesting headstamp ( F. TC .I * 44S&WC. *). I believe it is by SFM, but what does the “C” mean?


Jon - one of he Synonyms for .44 S&W Russian shown in Erlmeier-Brandt, “Handbuch der Pistolen-und Revolver Patronen,” Volume II, Page 414, is ".44 Short, S&W Russian. Based on that, my guess (and that’s all it is, unfortunately) is that the “C” stands for “Court” (“Short” in French). The only other guess would be “Cartouche,” and that’s pretty unlikely, in fact, rather “lame” in my opinion.


I was also thinking “Court”, but I was looking for some confirmation.
Thanks, John.


Yes my friends…“C” is here for “court”=short.

This cartridge comes from a SFM contract in the late twenties, for ASLAN Brothers, weapon and ammunition importers in Istambul (Turkey), and they were supposedly destined to the Turkisk militaries, but this is not sure at all as we find this kind of hstp also on not actually military ammo, like 5,6 mm VELODOG (!) and some other funny calibres. In the hstp, the letters T.C. are for Turkyie Cumurhiet, which means Turkish Republic.

As a matter of fact, the Aslan Brothers sold ammo to many countries in the middle east, including Yemen, Emirates, Ethiopia, etc, and some other places still under English, French or Italian Colonial Rule,…They were purely civilian cartridges for local retailers.

I think that the reason to ask for a turkish "military related "hstp was a matter of advertising, to make belief that it was military quality ammunition…but this it is only my guess…



Philippe my dear friend - has anyone, even the cats, figured out what the “F.I.” on these headstamps stand for? They meant nothing to the Vice Consul from Turkey at Los Angeles. He knew nothing of the name commonly given in books for it, but always with no documentation for what they show.