.44 S&W Russian Headstamps?

A while back a group of us compiled a large set of .44 S&W Russian headstamps. I have searched here but can’t seem to find it. Does anyone have a link to that thread, or recall the title?

This was the final checklist of that thread:

A-ZOOM 44 RUSSIAN (snap cap)
cornucopia AWA cornucopia S.W. 44. R
C.B.C. 44 S & W R
star D star CAL 44 (paper case gallery/dueling load)
C.F. S.W. 44
C.R.B. * * 44 S.W.
D.C.Co. 44 S.& W.R
D.C.Co 44 S&W. R.
E | B | A | 44 |
“EL CASCO” . . 44 S&W.R.
ELEY . LONDON . '44 R .
. ELEY . '44 S & W.R
F . TC . I * 44S&WC. *
GAUPILLAT 44 S.ET W. (Russian C.L.)
Geco 44 S&WR
GG (monogram) 44 S&W
GG (monogram) star 44 S.&W. star
GEVELOT star 44 S.W.Spl star (Box labeled “COURT” & is Russian C.L.)
G.F.L. 44 S&W R
G.F.L. 44 S.W.R.
.G.F.L. .44 S.&W.
G&S ENG. CO. PAT. PEND. (snap cap)
KYNOCH 44. S&W (Russian C.L.)
KYNOCH .44 S&W (Russian C.L.)
Same as above but sideways 44’s, with both of the 44’s bottom / base towards 9 O’Clock
MOD 44 RUSSE. 44
ORBEA 44 S&W R (no dots)
• P.C.Co • 44.S.& W.R
PETERS .44 S.& W. R.
PETERS 44 S&W R (No dots before 44 or after R)
P-R 44 S&WR (Mexico)
R.W.S. 44
R W S 44 S & W R
S&W 44R
.S&W 44R.
III | 18 | GR | 91 |
S.B.P. .44 S&W.R.
SELLIE N BELLO RIGA 440 (in Cyrillic)
S.F.M. * * 44.S&W.R.
. S.K.D . 44 S&W. R
U.M.C. .44 S & W.R
.U.S. 44 S&W.R.
U.S.C.Co. 44 S & W.R.
WESTERN .44 S & W.R.
W R A 44 S & W RUS.
W.R.A.Co. .44 S.& W. R.
W.R.A.CO. 44 S & W. R. (Large “O”; No dot before 44)
?r 44S&W R (the ?r is a Turkish property mark)
44 S&W UEE (monogram)
44 S&W * RUSSIAN *
44 star S&W R star
3n 86 (3 at 11:00, n at 1:00, and 86 at 6:00)
n 93 3 (read these CW with “n” at 12:00)
n 93 6 (like a 4 part hs: n or L at 12:00, 93 at 3:00, and the 6 at 9:00, but nothing at 6:00)
n 94 3
n 96 3 (like a 4 part hs: n or L at 12:00, 93 at 3:00, and the 3 at 9:00, but nothing at 6:00)
n 97 3
n 97 9
n 98 3
n 98 8
L 0 0 9 (the “n” with a tail to the left leg is a P in Roman)

  • B H O O K 18I .P. S over an 8. (Paul Smith’s post originally typed here in Cyrillic)
    RB.P.Z. * 42 * (From EOD’s post originally typed here in Cyrillic)
    M.D.P.Z.42 (From EOD’s post originally typed here in Cyrillic)
    P. TULbSKIJ Z. (From EOD’s post originally typed here in Cyrillic)
    42 (the Russian caliber designation, and only this as H/S)
    No / plain H/S (steel case dueling/gallery load)
    No / plain H/S (Danish)
    No / plain H/S (Eley)
    No / plain H/S (Japan)
    No / plain H/S (Phoenix Metallic)
    No / plain H/S (U.M.C.Co. with self lube bullet)
    No / plain H/S (U.S.C.Co.)
    No / plain H/S (unknown, perhaps W.R.A.Co.)

I don’t see the Starline headstamp.

  • — * 44 RUSSIAN

If anyone has images of the “no headstamp” types, then we might post them here to try and create a reference to differentiate between the various un-headstamped types. I have these two which are from a multiball Phoenix load, and a “Rice patent” load of which the exact case manufacturer is unknown to me. It has a 3-part segmented hollow point bullet and would be from the 1880’s:

The " • P.C.Co • 44.S.& W.R" headstamp is Mexican also, and should be noted to avoid confusion with
Peters Cartridge Company. I can’t do it on this forum for some reason, but perhaps Fede can, but there
should be a small line under the “o” in the company initials as they appear on the headstamp. At least that is the
way I have it recorded, and I once was going to write a “short” article on Mexican metallic cartridge headstamps,
and recorded all from cartridges, and cartridge photos lent to me. I thought there would be about 30 or 40 headstamps. I got over 200 and while I finished doing the headstamps, the article would have been too long
for any journal, so was never written.

Thanks John, I added the small line under the “o”

We must also add:
S / 18 / F / 94 / (counter-clockwise)

I want to add this one, comparing the headstamp with some 10,6x42 berdan russian made, I have deducted that Л stand for lungansk ammunition plant in Ukrainia and it was made in 1885, but I have no idea what the 0 could be.

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There is apt to be a major difficulty in the no headstamp rounds in that UMC and early Russian production are apt to be just about identical I think. Jack

At a glance, they certainly are virtually identical, but after an image scan or high resolution photo, tiny differences in the geometry of the rim, primer pocket, and primer emegre, and possibly coloration differences.

44 S&W R no headstamp types.
Top row;
1 is a Rice pat. 2 has the same case
3 is a Phoenix, 4 has the same case

2nd row;
1 is a board dummy?

44%20RUS 44%20RUSS2

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Very hard to tell looking at these unheadstamped variations with outside lubed bullets but the Rice patent loads look to me to be with Winchester brass.

My 2 cents, no box or other proof.

in krag56 photos: Row 2 right and row 3 left and left middle are I think UMC product.
again no proof but the head, primer pocket bevel & primer appear to be UMC

Please add:

  • LBC * S&W 44 (INSIDE PR)
    P. G. n. 3. * 42 * (cyrillic letters)


Didn’t UMC produce the .44 Russian with the large Berdan primer? Jack

Yes I believe they did Jack & that was with the two groove bullet like the 2nd row third or right example And the 2nd row left board dummy is by UMC.
Also I believe the third row left & middle left are UMC, as I said primer pocket bevel & etc. AND I could be wrong about those two, it’s just my impression.

Pete: Thanks; actually that’s the one closest to my specimen. I don’t really care if it’s Bridgeport or Russia but do wish I knew which. Jack