44 S&W russian question

Is it true that 44 S&W ammo was also made with outside lubricated bullets?If so why did this particoular version of this cartridge appear?


Pivi–The .44 S&W Russian was first made as an outside lubricated cartridge in 1872. The inside lubricated loading was first made by Winchester in 1886 and by U.M.C. in 1888.

Thank you Ron
I have a 44 russian cartridge made by Gevelot whose bullet is outside lubricated but,according to me,it dates back the first years of the XX cantury


Pivi–I have no idea when Gevelot switched from outside lubricated to inside lubricated. They may well have made the outside lubricated into the early 1900’s. But in any case, the outside lubricated preceded the inside lubricated loadings.